First Steps

Dec 24, 2019 | Translation

These two mods were the first projects I was working on. I wanted to help the authors to implement their mods fully into The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, so I decided to translate them into Hungarian.

The Devil’s Pit:

Devil’s Pit was the mod that started me on this path of translating. It was my first project. Although, it was not some giant mod or a complete DLC, however it was something that I enjoyed working on with SkacikPL. I even did the testing for the mod.

Devil’s Pit is a mod for The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. The author is a very talented modder. Skacik restored several cut content from the game.

“Opens the unused Devil’s Pit caverns for exploration along with adding over 21 new items into the base game, 6 interactive objects, 4 new NPCs including a companion and fully featured stealth mechanics.”

The mod even adds Iorveth and Saskia to The Witcher III, giving some background to them too.

Shields and Robes:

Shilds and Robes was my second project regarding translation of mods.

Shilds and Robes is a modification of The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. This mod adds usable shields and many more items to the game. Made by ScoutBr0, a very talented author. The shields and other trinkets added to the game extends the tools of Geralt.